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She went to sleep dreaming of that perfect glow..

She blamed those new fine lines on the fact that she's no longer in her roaring twenties. Little did she know there was a fix, and it didn't include surgery or painful injections or any other type of procedure that contained harmful chemicals.

Then one day her fairy Godmother appeared with a precious golden pot of wonder...

Inside the pot was a luxurious cream filled with essential fruit and nut oils, shea butter, hyularonic acid and ceramides.

The fairy Godmother told the woman to use the cream every night before bed and her dreams of glowing skin would come true.

When she woke - it WAS real! Her skin was the softest it had been for years! She looked younger and her skin was glowing too! She felt those roaring twenties were coming back!

And the best part...It was not a fairy-tale - it's a true story.

The woman is ME and well, Monat is my fairy Godmother!

That little pot of wonder is our Night Haven™ Overnight Age Control Cream... It's a beautiful texture, smells divine and truly does work to reveal more youthful, glowing skin.

This is me. No filter. No preset. Just a little tinted moisturizer on my skin, and I am completely obsessed! I also do my best to live a clean lifestyle. I am cautious of what I put in my body, so why not be cautious of what I put on my body? This luxurious night repair cream works for all skin types and literally melts into your skin providing rich nourishment and hydration, leaving the skin looking renewed and refreshed when you wake up.

If you need some glow in your life, connect with me and let me wave that magic wand!

Or make your way over to my Product Lover page and take the quiz! That will tell you exactly what you need to have to best hair and skin of your life.

Trust me, there's no postpartum, aging or bad genes for an excuse. It comes down to using the right products and having a consistent routine.

xo - Nadia

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