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Here I am...

A single mom of two, animal lover and full time teacher, a career that I love and am grateful for every day. Being a single mother is not always easy since I have to provide for the needs of my children on my own. I never wanted to be forced to refuse my children certain activities or any sport. I had to find a way to pay the bills and other necessities, and always succeeded, but there was not much money left at the end of the month, so family activities were paid for by credit card which was making me extremely stressed.


A few years ago, this stress resulted in a great deal of hair loss, which I tried to stop by trying different famous products. After months of unsatisfactory results, I heard about Monat and although I was skeptical of the MLM model, I decided to give their products a try! My results were amazing !!! I was so delighted with the look of my hair that I decided to give the skin care products a try, and I loved them!


A few months later, I signed up as a market partner! WHY am I so happy I did? Because the Monat opportunity has changed my life for the better. I was able to start a home business in my spare time, continue to teach and make memories with my kids without having to use my credit card! Goodbye to financial stress! The community of women who thrive in the Monat business continually inspires me, and pushes me to grow and help others. I would like to share with you what I have learned and help you regain your confidence by guiding your choice towards the products that are best for you.


And if you think this opportunity is for you, I can help you start your own successful business and focus on your own WHY!

-xo Nadia

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