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Between hair washes 🤩

As a mom, I know very well that most of us opt for a "mom bun" the majority of the time 😂 and that we run on coffee and dry shampoo!!

As a mom, how many times do you tell your children who have been playing outside all day to go "rinse off" in the pool before going to bed.


Well... let me introduce you to my new favorite product that "replaces" the dip in the pool to "rinse off". The Purifying vinegar rinse is perfect to use in between your regular hair wash day. It is ideal for people who want to remove product build-up, oil or dirt. Its non-drying formula locks in color, nourishes and hydrates hair and scalp in just one step.

My daughter is a horseback rider and she loves the purifying vinegar rinse. Indeed, when she comes back from her lessons, her hair is not necessarily dirty but it clearly has a stable smell. 😂 When she takes her shower, she rinses her hair with the star product that has tropical fragrance scents and she adds leave-in conditioner when she gets out of the shower.

If we talk about statistics, 83% of users agree that the product is a healthy alternative to shampoo to gently cleanse and remove impurities. They found that their hair was softer and smoother from the first use.

What are you waiting for to order yours?

Xox Nad

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