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Yup... My hair looked like this in March 2020😭😨. I went through a difficult time in my personnal life and started losing my hair a few months later. My confidence took a hit. I did my research and tried several products from reputable companies... nothing worked for me!! A friend, Catherine, told me about Monat's products but I DID NOT want to buy from an MLM. I was reluctant...I didn't believe in the results of an online company. After several months and far too much money spent, I wrote to Catherine

Well... what should I use in my hair? I'm going to try your "stupid" products.

Hahaha How much I didn't have faith in these prodcuts to talk to her like that. A few months later, my hair came back to life😍 and so did I! These products have changed my life so much that I even decided to go into business with the company to help people myself!! To this day, I still thank her for insisting that I try these "stupid products" 😂😂!!! Except I don't call them stupid anymore...because these are the products that completely changed my hair and my outlook on life. ❤️❤️ Trust me, I know what it's like to look in the mirror and spend thousands of dollars on hair extensions and products. I can help you. Message me.

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